Portable apps are all fine and dandy until they have a security weakness that can be exploited and you open up your entire network to a hacker... A risk taken by one is shared by all. Who on your network ensures your portable apps are patched against the latest vulnerability? Who on the network ensures that the… » 9/09/13 5:39pm 9/09/13 5:39pm

Couldn't find the regular dispensers for my 2 dogs, so I made them. Just Dremel the side wide enough to pull the doggy poop bags through and zip tie to the leash. Worked beautifully » 8/28/13 5:35pm 8/28/13 5:35pm

You change your password on the web, and the next time the device attempts to access the account it fails, and you are prompted for a password. Works everytime for me. » 8/20/13 3:00am 8/20/13 3:00am

Please don't take this as a flame. I just want to confirm that when you say United is the best, it is based on their rewards for flying program? » 6/25/13 10:47pm 6/25/13 10:47pm